Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wee and Wonderful

One of my New Year's resolutions is to complete one sewing project a month. I have lots of fabric, and I would like to sew better. It's not always something I can do in front of the television or with other people around, since my sewing machine and materials are upstairs. If I don't make an effort to try new projects, though, I won't get any better (and I won't use up that fabric stash, either). I'd like to do more than one project a month, but I'll start with one for now.

January's project was Evelyn Inchworm. My future brother- and sister-in-law gave me Hillary Lang's Wee Wonderfuls book for Christmas, and Evelyn is the first project in the book. I have been reading Hillary's wonderful blog for years, and I've always wanted to make her projects, but my lack of sewing skills and not making the time for it held me back. I was excited to see her book and also pleasantly surprised. This is not just a book of stuffed animals (although with Hillary's clear instructions and fantastic designs, it would still be worth every penny)--there is an adorable dog necklace, an upside-down doll, and a paper-doll pillow, among many others.

I'm proud of myself for using materials I had on hand. I found the light blue and dark blue felt in a bag at a giant church yard sale with a great vintage pattern for felt flower pins, and the kerchief is made from one piece of fabric from a Moda Charm Squares pack. I love the pack and the kerchief was the perfect use for the square. I'm also proud of myself for using the square and not just hoarding the whole pack. Evelyn is now living on my desk at work and I smile every time I see her.

This is a hand sewing project, so it was a good, easy way for me to start. I have some experience with sewing machines, but I need to try new projects to keep learning more. I'm already ahead for February, since I had a snow day today and made another project, which I'll share soon.

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