Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Stashdown

On Ravelry, the Spunky Eclectic group is having a stashdown, where you spin as much of your stash as you want to between April 1st and May 4th. I was overly optimistic as usual and decided I could spin 45.2 ounces in a month. Here is what I pulled out of the stash to spin:

  • 3.2 oz wool silk cotton mohair blend (light teal on the left)
  • 6 or 8 oz merino (?) braids in Autumn Oak colorway (top)
  • 4 oz Border Leicester in Golden

  • 4 + oz white Blue Faced Leicester (currently on the spindle)
  • 8 oz black llama and Border Leicester blend (top)
  • 8 oz Border Leicester and Romney blend (bottom)
  • Border Leicester and Lincoln blend in blue (left)
  • 4 oz BFL combed top in Saturn (right in second picture)
To be fair, I started with the natural-colored BFL on a drop spindle, so it went more slowly than I anticipated. I'm just about finished with that though, and everything else will be done on the spinning wheel. Even if I don't get everything spun up, it was good motivation to keep me spinning regularly and it's improved my spindle spinning a lot. It's also a good reminder of what a large fiber stash I have, with New Hampshire Sheep and Wool coming up in a few weeks.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Wardrobe: Fenimore Tam

I may have said it before, but I love the Shelter yarn from Brooklyn Tweed. It's a lofty blend that knits up beautifully at several gauges, and even though it seems light and fluffy and feels as if it would break easily, it's actually very strong. I also love that it is spun at the historic Harrisville mills, just an hour away from me.

The Fenimore Tam pattern caught my eye the last time I was at the Harrisville Designs shop.

It calls for two balls of Shelter, but I only used up one ball (there was very little left, so I recommend purchasing two balls, just in case). I was thrilled to have one ball left over, because it meant I could finish my Terra Shawl. The pattern is also from Brooklyn Tweed, and also in the Shelter yarn, except a different color. The pattern I purchased a couple of years ago had a misprint and stated that only four skeins were needed when it actually requires five. I was almost done and just had the lace edging to go, so when I purchased the yarn for Fenimore I decided to get a color that would go well with the plum color I had used for most of Terra. I was able to finish Terra with the second ball of Shelter in the color "Sweatshirt" that I had left over from Fenimore, and I think it looks great.

Pattern: Fenimore Tam by Brooklyn Tweed
Yarn: Shelter by Brooklyn Tweed, two skeins in "Sweatshirt"
Needles: US 5 and US 8
Modifications: I blocked it on a slightly smaller plate than recommended, so I might try to reblock it at some point

It's perfect for spring, not that we've had a normal spring here in New Hampshire (although more than any other season, I'm not entirely sure what "normal" is for spring here). It's been great for those blustery days that have popped up out of nowhere, and I think it will be great against the fall chill as well.