Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Sewing Projects, Part I

I have done quite a bit of sewing this past month, but I can only show you some of it right now.

I made this crewel embroidered fish for my cousin's 5th birthday. He loves fishing and he is really looking forward to getting back out to the lake this spring.

Someone in my embroidery group brought this pattern in, along with other patterns, when we were working on crewel stitches. There was no stitch guide so I just looked at my copy of The New Crewel and did what I felt like. I used random wool from my stash of crewel wool, some of which came from my great grandmother.

My cousin also loves to cook, and I sewed him an apron to go with the cookbook we got him. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the apron (probably because I was finishing it 20 minutes before we left for his birthday party). I used this pattern, which you should really read even if you don't sew because it's hilarious. It is also really helpful and informative, even though I didn't follow all of the directions exactly. It seem that lately I have just been crafting by the seat of my pants, and if it doesn't work, I just rip it out and go at it again. That's one advantage that sewing has over knitting--ripping out is much faster, although sometimes the fabric doesn't hold up as well as the yarn does.

Next up, more sewing and lots of baby things!