Saturday, September 3, 2011

Summer Wardrobe: Summer Socks

Just a plain vanilla sock, using Sockotta sock yarn, which makes the fair isle design. The yarn also has cotton in it, which makes it much more comfortable to knit with in the summer heat than wool, although the cotton can be hard on your hands. I bought the yarn five years ago to make my first pair of socks, and everything went great except I didn't measure the length of my foot or stop to try it on, so it turned out too small (I'm a size 9 and the pattern was written for a 7 or 8). I got much better at sock knitting after that, but by then summer was over and it seemed like I should save this project for the warmer months. I didn't expect so much time to go by, though--other projects just jostled their way in front of the socks. I was going to make ankle socks originally, but when I picked it up again recently I decided I'd rather have full-length socks.

Pattern: Classic Socks for the Family by The Yankee Knitter (an awesome pattern, I highly recommend it)
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Sockotta, 1 ball
Needles: US Size 1

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