Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Stashdown

On Ravelry, the Spunky Eclectic group is having a stashdown, where you spin as much of your stash as you want to between April 1st and May 4th. I was overly optimistic as usual and decided I could spin 45.2 ounces in a month. Here is what I pulled out of the stash to spin:

  • 3.2 oz wool silk cotton mohair blend (light teal on the left)
  • 6 or 8 oz merino (?) braids in Autumn Oak colorway (top)
  • 4 oz Border Leicester in Golden

  • 4 + oz white Blue Faced Leicester (currently on the spindle)
  • 8 oz black llama and Border Leicester blend (top)
  • 8 oz Border Leicester and Romney blend (bottom)
  • Border Leicester and Lincoln blend in blue (left)
  • 4 oz BFL combed top in Saturn (right in second picture)
To be fair, I started with the natural-colored BFL on a drop spindle, so it went more slowly than I anticipated. I'm just about finished with that though, and everything else will be done on the spinning wheel. Even if I don't get everything spun up, it was good motivation to keep me spinning regularly and it's improved my spindle spinning a lot. It's also a good reminder of what a large fiber stash I have, with New Hampshire Sheep and Wool coming up in a few weeks.

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