Friday, January 21, 2011

Post-Christmas Recap, Part II

In which I knit baby things for my almost-nephew, Nico (how much do you love that name?):

Infant Mittens from Knitting to Go; made with stash Plymouth Dreambaby DK yarn. I was running out of yarn so I swapped the icord string for a crochet chain with one row of single crochet to give it some strength.

Of course, everyone knows you need a hat to go with your mittens:

Bear hat, also from Knitting to Go, made with Caron Simply Soft.

Lastly, I made him a sweater I've been wanting to make for years:

This is the Pure and Simple Pullover from Weekend Knitting (one of my favorite knitting books ever. I bought it right when I learned to knit and it inspired me to keep going and learn as much as I could). The yarn is also stash Plymouth Dreambaby DK (like the mittens, it was extra from knitting Nico's baby blanket).

It looks a little wonky at the shoulder because of the buttons.

I think it is worth it though--the shoulder buttons make it easier to get on and off of a baby.

The purple mass of wool under there is my mom's Christmas present--I will show you next time!

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